The Barclay Series - Planters
allplant.gif (39409 bytes) The Barclay planters complement any decor with styles inspired from contemporary architecture and classical pottery.  The broad range of sizes will accommodate and enrich the foliage they display and the surroundings they inhabit.

Barclay Series™ Indoor/Outdoor Planters feature seamless construction with an ultra-violet stabilized, molded, gel-coat finish.  Units are designed and constructed with enough structural reinforcement to accommodate the proportional weight of a planted tree. Six models shown above are offered in a multitude of sizes. Barclay Series™ Planters have a One Year Limited Warranty.

Thirty-One smooth, molded, semi-gloss finishes are available in addition to Sand-X™ and Matte finishes:  Black, Charcoal, Almond, White, Navy Blue, Country Blue, Sea Green, Rose, Warm Gray, Greige, Lite Gray, Red, Burgundy, Maroon, Tan, Ivory, Terra Cotta, Hunter Green, Empire Green, Plum, Dark Brown, Bronze, Burgundy-Wine, Blue Green, Warm Brown, Bright Plum, Blackberry, Sedona Beige, Mauve, Forest Green, Eggplant.

Optional Accessories:

  • Color Coordinated Bases (standard is black)
  • Color Matched Saucers
  • False Bottoms
  • Concealed Casters
  • Installed Eyebolts for guywires
  • Color Matched Finishes
  • Weep/Drain Holes provided at no cost (specify when ordering)

Please call us Toll Free at 1-877-677-7520 with any questions you may have..

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